Tramonto Tolo Beer Specialists in Tolo, Argolida.

Tramonto Bar specialises in beers from Greece and imported beers from all over the world.

Local beers such as Zeos which is produced in Argos along with the great named Greek beers Amstel and Mythos are served chilled and refresh the warmest parts on a hot summers day.

A hobby of ours over the years has been collecting and documenting beers that we have found and imported, giving them a write up on our extensive beer menu. Our beer stock at Tramonto has grown over time to include a huge range, something to suit every taste and the curiosity of even the accustomed beer drinker to try something new.

Some beers with the distinct taste of hops, others malty, some rarer than other.

Why not come and try a different beer every day and share your opinion with us.

A great night out, a few beers in Tramonto and a meze (variety plate) in the relaxing atmosphere of the bar or on the quiet terrace at the rear.


We welcome you and whatever your tastes in beer maybe we are sure that we can satisfy them.



Vetsa Experience

Pyrgiotika, Nafplion 21100

Argolida, Greece

Tel: +30 27520 59898

Mob: +30 6948104578


Traditional Greek Cookery Experience

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